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What is our Multi Academy Trust & Why Support Us?

A multi-academy trust (MAT) is a type of organisation that oversees and manages multiple academies (schools) in the education system. In the context of education systems,  a single academy is an independent, publicly funded school that operates outside of local authority control. Multi-academy trusts are created to unite a group of academies under a single legal and administrative framework.

Key features of a multi-academy trust may include:

  1. Centralised Governance: The trust has a central governing body that oversees and manages multiple academies. This can lead to more consistent policies and practices across the academies within the trust.

  2. Collaboration: Academies within the trust often collaborate on various aspects, such as sharing resources, expertise, and best practices. This collaboration aims to improve educational outcomes for students.

  3. Autonomy: While academies within a trust work together, they also retain a level of autonomy. Each academy may have its own governing body and some degree of independence in decision-making.

  4. Efficiency: Multi-academy trusts are often formed to achieve operational and administrative efficiencies. By consolidating certain functions at the trust level, there can be cost savings and streamlined management.

Why should you support us?

At the Forest of Dean Trust, we believe all students in the Forest of Dean should have access to an excellent education with subject experts and have equal opportunities. 

We would love to work with as many local businesses as possible to give our students career guidance, skill development, work experience and much more.  We want our students to not only have an excellent education but also get life experience which will help them excel in their working careers.