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Teaching and Learning

The high-quality curriculum at the FoDT is delivered by an outstanding team of teachers confident in quality first teaching. Our Teaching and Learning vision is based upon Mark, Plan, Teach, Repeat. This is backed up by current research, especially by the EEF. 

Student Barriers

Teachers across the trust understand every student they teach. Staff regularly meet to discuss the best teaching methods to reduce any student's barriers. Best practices can then be shared across the trust from EYFS to KS5.  No student should be left behind, and this strategy makes sure this happens!

Learning is at the forefront of everything we do. All staff are confident in the teaching methods that get the best out of our students. Modelling, high-quality questioning and outstanding assessment and feedback are the spine that runs through the lessons across the trust. 

Staff CPD

However, learners are not just the students in our schools. The staff are just as important. We are learners, too and we make sure that we are constantly looking at development to improve our practice and knowledge. Our CPD programme is built to ensure that all staff (both teaching and support) can be the best they can be. We offer pedagogical, pastoral and subject knowledge CPD. This is through our Reflective Practitioner Programme (please see the attached PDF).

Our Talent Pathway fills the void in the government's ‘golden thread’. Our staff meet with a facilitator in career stage groups. Topics are chosen, and staff discuss the latest research, and case studies and use teamwork to improve their practice. 

Toolbox is an area that allows staff to be autonomous and chose the areas that they would like to develop. All staff are able to deliver Toolbox to make sure we have experts delivering sessions that are short, sharp and something to take away and try tomorrow!

Every student deserves to be taught by subject experts, and we ensure this is the case. All staff participate in regular subject knowledge enhancement to put them at the forefront of their subject. This allows fantastic lessons built on excellent subject expertise. 

Coaching is a vehicle that is used throughout all our CPD and the support of our staff. All staff are given the opportunity to take part in coaching, learning walks and our open-door policy allows staff to see good practice and have positive learning conversations. 

Our setting is unique and we are determined that the staff in our schools are allowed to be too. Staff can show their personalities as we know that none of the are ‘just a teacher’. We have expectations and routines, however, staff are encouraged to take risks to deliver outstanding lessons to provide the best learning opportunities.

We are relentless to be the best we can be. We believe that ‘if you stand still, you can only go backwards’ and are constantly looking at ways to improve our practice but also to reduce staff workload. 

All staff at across the trust know the students they teach and are confident in safeguarding. This allows all our students the ability to come to school and make the best progress they can, but also enjoy the process.