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Developing and building strong links in our communities is important to us. We work closely with partner organisations, such as the voluntary sector, community groups, parish councils, businesses, and other organisations,  to contribute to all our pupils' learning and development needs.

Our schools sit at the heart of their communities, playing a vital role in fostering strong community bonds. By actively engaging with local residents, businesses, and organisations, trust schools can establish community links that benefit all stakeholders.

Our schools predominately nurture these community links through support. Trust schools offer a range of support networks to the broader community through partnerships with local charities, providing volunteering opportunities for parents, engaging with other professionals and offering pastoral care to families and children in need.

Trust schools also work closely with their communities by organising events like open days, curriculum showcases and sports tournaments. These events serve as avenues for parents/carers and community members to appreciate our pupils' talents and progress.

Forest of Dean Trust Schools actively participate in community projects such as community clean-ups, fundraising campaigns and environmental initiatives, instilling a sense of social responsibility and citizenship in our students.